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While getting some stuff around last night for this weekends Trace Armory Group pistol/carbine class, I wanted to add a small “boo boo kit” to my HSGI Suregrip belt. Low and behold I did not have any MOLLE locks, or other MOLLE attachment pieces around the house.

I came up with a really stupid simple solution, that is easy to weave, easy to make, and easy to detach. It is so simple in fact, that I really hope that I’m not the first person to come up with something like this. Basically, I took a piece of scrap kydex off of the garage floor, cut it into a 1″ wide strip, and heated, and folded it in half. Leaving one end of the clip a little longer than the other end made weaving it a little easier, than the first one I made that had both legs the same length.

Once attached, the pouch is as solid as any other MOLLE attachment that I own, which was something that I was concerned about. After it was attached, I wanted to make sure that the clip wouldn’t just slide out, so I drilled a 1/4″ hole through both legs, and tied them together with a bit of 550 cord.

Thats it. Its stupid simple, and it seems to work. I’, going to run it through this weekends class and if I have any issues, I’ll report back.

Pouch attached to HSGI Suregrip belt using the DIY MOLLE Clip:

The clip itself. Really simple, 1″ wide kydex, I started with a piece about 12″ long and trimmed it to fit:

Showing the DIY MOLLE clip weaved through the MOLLE loops just like any other MOLLE attachment:

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  1. How do you find your homemade molle strap is for stability? Does the pouch swing around or seem loose at all?

  2. Nice job! I’ve seen some similar things here and there but kudos to you for arriving at this point! I have not seen anything commercial like this so I say produce all you can! Something I do is to put a strip of strong velcro on the open end to close it up. It may not be AS secure as tying it but for most things it will do just fine.

    • Thanks! It worked well, but I’ve since stopped using most all of my molle gear.

      BTW, checked out your website, I was 283lbs in February of 2013 when I started eating better. Currently 235, planning to drop a few more pounds in the coming year.

      • I was up just over 300lbs when I started but did the little blog when I was in the mid-280’s. I’m about ready to shut that one down and get a domain that isn’t tied to my weight. I’ve got a bit more to go before I’ll be 100lbs down and then I’ll evaluate from there.

        Why did you stop using your MOLLE gear?

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