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Do you have the skill-set?

One thing that I see over and over in the firearms community, and other areas as well, is that people like to buy all kinds of gear, but they never take the time to learn how to properly use it.

After the mass shooting in Colorado I discussed this with Chris Clifton from Defensive Concepts NC, and he told me that a lot of people who buy firearms for protection do not know enough to know what they don’t know. I agree with Mr. Clifton 100% on the issue.

But what about other areas? With September being National Preparedness Month, I’ve begun to revisit may skills that were once second nature to me, that I have not practiced in some time.

The first skill, and one of the most important in a survival situation is the ability to build fire. Fire does many things, it provides warmth, it can signal help, and it can boil (purify) water. Most anybody who has any thoughts in their head about being prepared probably keeps a cigarette lighter somewhere in their gear, just in case. Cigarette lighters can be a great tool, however, they can also let you down if they get wet. Do you know how to start a fire without matches or a lighter?

Most of us probably carry some sort of a first aid kit to the range with us, but do you know how to use it? This is definitely an area where I need a refresher. Years ago I was Red Cross CPR and First Aid certified, but I couldn’t tell you the proper number of chest compressions or rescue breaths anymore. I carry what I think is a pretty good “blow out kit” to the range with me, but if someone were shot through the lung, and they were suffocating as their lung filled with blood, I would not have the skills to save them.

What about how to purify water? In 1999 when Hurricane Floyd came through North Carolina many were without running water or electricity for a week or more. Do you have enough water on hand to last a week? Do you have the ability to purify water either by chemical, or filter?

On the same note as water, what about food? If a hurricane were to blow through your area tomorrow, would you have enough food on hand to last a week until the stores are open again? How much of your food would spoil from the refrigerator not running, because the electricity is out?

I’ll be diving deeper into each of these subjects as National Preparedness Month rolls on, but I wanted to plant the seed now, and get everything thinking about these things.

Remember, it isn’t always a large scale natural disaster or terrorist attack that can cause you to wish you were better prepared. Just a couple years ago a few inches of snow fell on Raleigh, and all of the highways were shut down due to accidents, kids were forced to sleep at school, the plow trucks were not able to keep up, and for about 24 hours, it was a real mess.


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  1. Go to a local Concealed Weapons class. MOST of the people there have: A. Never held a firearm before (to include the one they brought to the class). B. never had any training at all, much less any serious training C. Have no idea what they would do with the weapon if they get into a serious situation.

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