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Video of Man at USPSA Competition used as Evidence in Murder Investigation.

I found this interesting. Not really sure how it helps the prosecutors case, but its interesting none the less.


Video of Subject at USPSA competition use as evidence in murder investigation.

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  1. This is pretty much the worst case scenario for posting videos of you shooting on the internet, about which I've been warned. The knee-jerk reaction of "well don't shoot anyone three times in the head and you're fine" is easily dispelled by seeing how many people have been falsely accused and wrongly convicted.

    I'd hope a good lawyer and expert witness could convince a jury that shooting a match is something that normal, well-adjusted, non-murdering people do, but I'm not sure it could overcome the "nobody I know does that so it must be a strange fringe activity" mindset.

    Definitely a case worth watching.

  2. So having interest and proficeny (sic) in firearms gives a prosecutor resonable confirmation that they have the right man? How many people in the Seattle area have guns and silver BMWs? Wonder if anyone else at the gun club does? When did having interest in firearms equal probable cause that we may have committed a crime. We have a constitutional right to bear arms and a video showing a man doing well at a gun range shows just that….a man doing well at a gun range. This could set a really bad precident legally. Slippery slope if you ask me.

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