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Covert Rifle Bags

With the current state of things, many people are looking for ways to transport their rifles without carrying around a big case that screams “GUN!”. This past weekend I was walking around Gander Mountain  and I saw a display of covert rifle bags made by Blackhawk that were shaped like tennis bags, but they were just a hair bigger, which allow for a broken down AR-15 to fit in the bag covertly. Alternatively, Comp-Tac has come out with another covert rifle bag that is a little larger that will hold a carbine, that is assembled.

These are pretty cool, but if you have been reading Triangle Tactical for any length of time, you know I’m not the kind of guy to buy something, when I can make it myself.

Some time ago, I was living in a fairly shady apartment complex where I didn’t want my neighbors to see me coming and going with a rifle case all the time. Here’s the solution I came up with back then, and the one I still use now:

It’s simply a 3/4 sized guitar gig bag. The carbine fits inside nicely, and it works great! I’ve considered adding some sort of rigid material to the top flap to make it retain it’s shape a little better, but for walking from my house to the car, I’ve not found it necessary. I paid less than $20 for the bag on Amazon, so it’s definitely a less costly option than the commercial covert bags.

I do plan to sew in some small hook and loop straps at the top and bottom of the bag to hold the rifle in more securely, but I haven’t got around to it just yet.

Now, with this sort of thing, make sure you check your local laws regarding transporting rifles. In some areas carrying a concealed rifle is not legal, so you will need to properly transport it in accordance with your local laws.

What do you think? Do you have any other types of bags you have used as a covert rifle bag?

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  1. Ski bags. Good for the longer things and usually decent padding.

  2. I use a regular tennis racket bag for my ar pistol. Cut foam to fit it so it holds it’s shape. One side has a zippered pocket for balls and such and I have extra mags in it

  3. Violin cases are nice option.

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