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Recommend Watching: Netflix Edition

You do have Netflix, right?

Les Stroud “Survivorman”
I’m a huge Les Stroud fan. The guy is the real deal when it comes to preparedness and wilderness survival. No frills, no camera tricks, no BS. If you like his show, you should also get his book, I think I’ve read it 2-3 times…

Bear Grylls “Worst Case Scenario”
Ok, I’ve never been a huge Bear Grylls fan, and frankly I think a most of what he does on TV is theatrics that would get the average person killed. However, this show has 12 episodes on Netflix, and other than one or two things in a couple episodes, it has some pretty good tips for getting out of a tight place. I especially liked the episode about being in a car when the brakes went out… (been there, done that…)
He also recommends against arming yourself with a firearm during a home invasion, instead a golf club or baseball bat… Silly brit.

“Dual Survival”
I could do without some of the shtick with the hosts, but there’s a lot of good nuggets of info in this show (there’s also some crap, but that’s to be expected). I’ve also been a long time subscriber to Dave Canterbury’s YouTube channel where he posts a ton of interesting stuff.

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