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Bad Weather on the Way


If you’re in Eastern NC, and you have been out in a public place in the last 14-18 hours, you’ve probably sensed the hysteria building.

Here in the Triangle were expecting 3-5″ of snow, with areas closer to the coast expecting up to 12″. As a native Michigander this isn’t much, but for the southern natives who don’t have a lot of experience driving in the snow, this can prove to be treacherous when heading out and about.

Here’s a couple tips for driving in the snow, or on slippery roads:

1. If you have a car with anti-lock brakes, and you begin to slide, steer, but don’t pump the brakes. Anti-lock brakes will keep the wheels turning so you can still steer. If you’ve never had anti-lock brakes kick in when driving, keep in mind they make some noise which can be alarming. Steer yourself to safety, if you are slipping on ice, stopping isn’t gonna happen for a bit.

2. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, and you find yourself slipping, you want to pump the brakes to try and regain some steering.

3. Slow down. Just because your 4×4 will allow you to go 70mph doesn’t mean you should. Plan some extra time for your commute, chances are some idiot won’t read this and will cause some havoc on the roads.

4. Have overnight gear in your car for your commute home. Boots, warm clothes, a stove, some fuel, food, water blankets, etc. Warmth, food, water.

5. If you don’t have to go out, or you aren’t confident driving on slippery roads, stay home. You’ve got about 14 hours from the time of this being published to go get some groceries, use that time wisely.

At home you should already be prepared to be without power for a couple days, because unfortunately when the idiot I mentioned above who likes to drive to fast finally brings his sliding out of control car to a halt, he’ll do it into a power pole near your house, leaving you with it power for a few days.
If you are without power, don’t do anything for alternative heat that’ll burn your house down, or kill you from carbon monoxide (careful with kerosene heaters, and don’t try using an outdoor grill indoors or something like that. It’ll get you killed.)

If you have any other cold weather/No power preparedness tips, share them in the comments below.

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  1. Not as much of a safety tip, but to save you a slight annoyance: pull your windshield wipers up before it starts coming down. This way they’re not frozen to your car and you can use them in the event that you have to drive while it’s still snowing.

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