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Post-Monday Match Musings

  • Compared to shooting a pistol match, shooting a rifle match is much more about preparation and knowledge. What’s the hold over for your rifle, ammo, and optic to hit a head box at 10 yards? 5? 25? Not to mention reloading rifle ammo being much more labor intensive. Shooting those super high-end precision bolt guns a few weeks ago at 900 yards is the same way: you do all the work up front, and actually ringing the steel is the comparatively easy part. Shooting a cardboard IPSC target at 50 yards offhand with an M&P 15-22 was no harder than hitting an 8″ steel plate at 650 with a .260 Remington. It’s all about sights and trigger.
  • The M&P15-22 mags aren’t heavy enough to drop free of the gun when angled in preparation for a reload. I’ll have to find something to use to add weight without impairing function. Lead baseplate, anyone?
  • I got confirmation today that Sir Walter will be running their March USPSA match as a classifier. I need to shoot at least three classifiers for it to be mathematically possible for me to make B class, and they’ll be running four. Game on.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to put myself to sleep reading the 2014 USPSA handgun rules updates. Not kidding.

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