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The Journey of a Thousand Miles

After this week’s episode of the podcast about how we got started in competitive shooting and the path we’ve taken to where we are today, I’ve been thinking about my own experience and the best way I can describe it is like gathering momentum.

Something becomes the norm: shooting one match a month. And then you push a little beyond that, and shoot two matches a month for a while until that becomes normal. And then three, and sometimes four. And then that’s the norm.

Six months ago I started dry firing daily, and now it’s just normal. So the idea of dry firing in the morning before work and then my regular evening session seems like a reasonable incremental change. In the abstract, the idea of dry firing twice every day seems like the conduct of someone much more devoted than myself, but in the concrete, it seems like a small change to make for a performance boost.

You don’t wake up and decide to do these things all of a sudden. They sneak up on you and add up over time.

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