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Budget Reloading Setup Tour

Y’all asked for it, so here goes:

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Quick note: It looks like my press is moving a bit when I work the lever. This is because my tripod was in the way, so I didn’t have my foot on the workbench like I do when I’m loading normally.

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  1. triangle pinoy

    Wow! You made it look simple. Possibly in a couple of months, I will invest in this turret press. Maybe it is just me but with how I see the progressive presses works, it looks easy to miss something. This turret press makes it faster but still gets you to pay attention with what you’re doing.

    I also just started reloading but went way more on the cheaper (slower) route. I have the Lee hand press + hand priming tool and wash brass using vinegar+dishsoap. Total investment was $170 for everything I needed (except components). Past the 1k mark already, so far so good. 🙂

    Except for the speed, I have no regrets so far because I get to do this on my porch (reason I got the hand press instead of single press) and I get to be more careful I guess. In some cases, I even got to do it while waiting for my kid at karate class. Haha!

    Good stuff sir and keep ’em coming!

    • It’s pretty easy. Obviously it took a bit of setup, but once it’s all set, it’s pretty decent.
      Ben played around with a progressive a couple months back and mentioned that it’s easier to miss something, and that he nearly loaded a squib while doing so.

      I have no doubt I’ll upgrade in the future, but for now, I’m happy with the turret.

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