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Guns of Television: Heroes Reborn?

Via Twitter, I see that a favorite character from the first season of Heroes will be returning to their spin-off/reboot/back to basics miniseries next year:

That’s all well and good, since Noah Bennett was one of many great characters in the first season, which was pretty much the only one worth watching. But what I want to know is if one of my favorite supporting characters will be returning: the Strayer-Voigt Infinity:

SVI in Heroes

The signature gun of operatives of the shadowy company that seemed to be pulling all the strings, this true-to-life .45ACP double stack 2011 SVI showed up episode after episode, each time symbolizing a well-funded group intent on making sure its problems stayed solved. It’s a distinct, futuristic, signature gun that also happens to be grounded in reality and practical shooting, just another way that I remain convinced that Hollywood should include more competition equipment and tactics because people will recognize cool gear and shooting fast as being impressive.

Here’s a video from Taran Butler, world class 3 Gun shredder and firearms trainer to the stars, at a local Hollywood prop house checking out the SVIs from Heroes (which means we know they still exist!):

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