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Lee Turret Press Speed


Since starting to reload using the Lee Turret Press, the most common questions I get asked is how fast it is.

My particular Lee Turret is the value model, and currently I don’t have the auto-index parts for it, so I manually turn the turret to each station. I’m using the Lee safety prime, and Lee auto-disk powder measure. Starting with clean brass I loaded 100 rounds of 9mm (115gr Berry’s plated bullets over Unique powder, range brass, and a CCI primer) in just over 22 minutes.

There you have it. Not super fast, but not too slow either.

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  1. Between refilling the primer tray (every 150 rounds or so) and the other issues, I get a fairly consistent 200-250 rounds per hour from my Classic Turret.

    The real question here is where did you find enough powder to load 100 rounds?

    • I’ve been having good luck at Hill’s Sporting Goods in Raleigh for powder, if you’re local. Even got 2lbs or Titegroup this week…

      • My curiosity has been piqued. Going to load for a half-hour tonight to see what my current production rate is. I really like the Classic Turret — fast enough so I can sit down and produce enough for a match in an hour. And the ammo is good quality — I’ve had exactly two bad rounds in the last 2,000 (high primers), and I caught those before they left the press.

        Local? Nah — I live in the mountains of Northern California (on the flank of a 14,179′ stratovolcano named Mt. Shasta). Very rural, no gunshops nearby. I’m on my last 1.5 pounds of N320. In what might appear to be a panic buy, I bought two pounds of WSH, figuring I could make it work if I had to.

        Otherwise, I haven’t seen any pistol powder in months.

  2. OK. Loaded for 20 minutes last night, counted 98 rounds. So my 200-250 rounds per hour estimate is low. More like 250-300.

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