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Shooting on the Move in USPSA, Part 2

Last week, I wrote a blog post about shooting on the move in USPSA and IDPA. That weekend, I shot a USPSA match.

Lanny Bassham teaches us that if we talk about doing something, or write about doing something, or even just think a lot about doing something, we’ll probably do more of it. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found myself making stage plans at the USPSA match that involved shooting on the move whenever possible:

It actually worked out pretty good, overall. I had my best USPSA match finish to date. My worst stage of the seven was a stand-and-shoot with no movement where I rushed the shots on the plate rack and shot high and tagged a no shoot by milking the trigger. My second and third worst stages were ones where I ended up planning to shoot on the move and shot too slowly, resulting in my feet having to IDPA baby step to avoid running out of room to shoot.

So before I wasn’t shooting on the move enough, and at this match I went overboard. Next match, be a little more ready to plant my feet and shoot, but keep the willingness to shoot on the move wherever practical.

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