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Jerry Miculek’s 1000 Yard Shot: The Final Chapter

Okay, you’re sick of hearing about it, but give me a chance to make my closing statement, if you will.

First off, regarding the part in my original post about Instructor Zero:

On the other hand, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about my strongly worded rebuke of Jerry Miculek, particularly the “making luck look like skill” comment. Perhaps my friends are right. I even had one non-shooter buddy comment to me that he remembers seeing Jerry on ESPN as a kid doing trick shooting and thought it was pretty cool. This has all brought me to a realization that is at the root of my dislike of some of these videos, above and beyond the sensationalist and bait-and-switch nature of them.

That realization is that I think exhibition shooting is dumb.

I slogged through the first season of Hot Shots when they had half the cast as exhibition shooters (and Jerry as a practical shooter) because it was so dull. Things happen, the wind comes up, their stuff doesn’t work. When it does work, it’s a gimmick. It bores me and I don’t like it.

Before you spin up your little internet hate machines again, I’m not saying you shouldn’t like it. If people like these videos, fine. Keep viewing them. I’m going to stay subscribed to Jerry’s YouTube channel because he posts cool shit there like using a cement mixer as a brass tumbler and being a super real dude about open carry. I’ll skip the gimmicks about 6 shots in a less than a second (if you start timing at the first shot instead of the buzzer) and let everyone else drive up those views.

In the mean time, I keep crawling the search results for USPSA videos and finding rad videos like this one. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the mountains to take the USPSA RO class, shoot a shitload of guns in my host’s backyard, and generally be a hoodlum.

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  1. Rule #1: If you call yourself “tactical,” you aren’t.

  2. Interesting. I guess that it is true. Those that can, do. Those that can’t ridicule those that can. Good job.

  3. That is why he is Jerry and you are not…..

  4. Post a video of yourself showing Jerry up. Maybe you can shoot better? Maybe you can hit a baloon at 1000 yards with a 9mm pistol but one handed instead of two. You can talk, can you back it up?

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