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The Twenty-First Century Scout Rifle

So because Ruger did a stupid (making the Scout rifle in 5.56 which will sell like hotcakes despite not fitting the original criteria) and Col. Cooper failed to anticipate the invention, thirty years ago, of the Aimpoint T-1, the scout rifle is dead?

Nah, I think it’s more alive than it ever was. Just update the specs a little to include red dots.

The point of the scout rifle spec was to dream and encourage innovation, not carve in stone The Perfect Weapon. Let’s take that spirit forward instead of getting stuck on the vision of the perfect gun from before the Glock 17 was invented.

How about a .300BLK scout rifle fed out of STANAG mags with an Aimpoint and a Surefire quick-detach suppressor mount so you can slap a can on if you want for a particular shot? Cooper couldn’t have dreamed of that, but I easily can.

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  1. I’m not a current, have to have, a bolt scout gun. Give me an AR-15 in 300BLK and a red dot, with a collapsible stock, it’s a very small but powerful 200 yard gun. If you have to have a 308, a 16 in barreled 308 with a collapsible stock and red dot, can still be light and very handy.

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