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Carry a Dang Flashlight!


On Christmas Eve (one of the busiest shopping days of the year) I found myself in a large retailer in the middle of the afternoon when the power went out. For about 60 seconds it was completely black in the building before the emergency lighting kicked on.

When the lights went black I pulled out my Streamlight ProTac HL, double tapped the button to the 600 lumen mode and I lit up the entire main aisle all the way across the building. Nobody else pulled out a flashlight, and only a couple people that I could see pulled out cell phones to try and navigate out of the building.

You don’t need to rock a 600 lumen monster like I do, but a simple pen light like a 5.11 TMT PLx, or Streamlight Stylus Pro will give you enough light to navigate in the darkness, should you find yourself in it.

I later found out that at the same time the power went out where I was, Crabtree Valley Mall also experienced a major outage. I don’t like being in malls to begin with, and I couldn’t imagine being stuck in one in the dark, without a flashlight, surrounded by hoards of helpless people.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. I cannot justify the pocket real-estate for a flashlight of any size. I’ve read and viewed many FL reviews, but I have two in the car, and one in my backpack (grad school), and various older ones around the house and at work.

    In my nearly 30 years of living, there’s never been a time where I wasn’t twenty feet from a reliable light source. YMMV, no?

    • Mr. Normalcy Bias in WV — just wait. It will catch up to you. And if you don’t have the pocket real estate to carry a flashlight, you are wearing the wrong pants.

    • I use mine literally every day. If I had to choose between a light and a knife, or a gun, I’d leave the gun at home.

    • The Thrunite Ti3 is smaller than a tube of chapstick and puts out 120+ lumens. I use it a LOT during the winter months when it gets dark at 5pm. I carry it less in the summer. But for something that is smaller than your pinky, real-estate isn’t an issue.

  2. Well done, Lucas! I too carry a ProTac, but the CR123 version, and I also carry an 18650-rechargeable-lithium flashlight for more lumens. Flashlight(s) should be part of everyone’s EDC.

  3. I have a Streamlight Stylus Pro, and can’t be happier with it. While I don’t use it every day, it comes in handy navigating hotel rooms or when staying with family. It also entertains my 3 year old nephew quite well! Definitely gets more use than the knife.

  4. My edc light is on backorder! Going to start carrying when I finally get it

  5. I’ve been buying the small CREE LED Flashlights off of Amazon for a while now. a BRIGHT light, compact size with a pocket clip, two rechargeable batteries and a charger for around $10.00. http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HOB3E06
    or for $15.00 and a bit more pocket real estate
    (both avail in single or multiple modes… )

    It’s no streamlight, 5.11 or some other 500-1000 Lumen monster, but I use them all the time. With the rechargeable batteries, there’s no reason for me to ever be in the dark. Maybe someday I’ll move up to a higher end light, but for now these suit my needs and budget, and make great gifts. I have a couple friends that never used to carry lights, but now have EDC flashlights due to me gifting them one of these.

    I guess if you never carry one, you would not know how useful they actually are to have on you at all times.

    I won’t go quite as far as Lucas and think about leaving my gun at home though, it needs to be with me as well as my EDC pocket knife. another indispensable tool, that can be done well on a budget.

  6. I recently began carrying a light in addition to my other edc gear. I can’t believe I never did before! Way more useful than j thought it would be! I carry a streamlight sidewinder. Love it.

  7. It’s rare I don’t have a flashlight. Loving my new 350 lumen “Binfire X” from Bright Medic. Hate when I forget to pocket my light

  8. I don’t leave home without my ITP SC1 Eluma flashlight and my SOG Flash II folding knife in a pocket. On my hip is where my M&P will be.

  9. I bought the Surefire 2211 W/ Luminox watch. While some people see it as ridiculously overpriced and incredibly bulky, I love it. It allows me not to have to worry about carrying a standard SF light and for 300 lumens on my wrist, I can’t complain. I cried a bit when I bought it at almost retail price, but I’m glad people know the importance of having a good flashlight as their EDC.

  10. I LOVE my Fenix PD20. It’s tiny and I find myself using it more often than anything else I carry. Especially with the red lens filter. It’s great for navigating in movie theaters and checking on the kids at night.

    • Another thing… I can take it anywhere. Courthouses, post offices, hospitals, airplanes, etc. It’s not a weapon, but it gives one a lot more options when the lights go out.

  11. I’ve carried a flashlight since working EMS in the ’80s, and use it often. Carried alongside my wallet, it makes that wallet harder to remove; it is useful for its intended use, can be (and has been) used as a force-multiplier or striking tool. That and a knife go everywhere, Illinois has so many carry restrictions that the gun stays in the car a lot.

  12. TerraLUX TT-1 for me.

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