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Regarding the ATF crack down on the Sig brace

In classic FedGovCo fashion, ATF has dumped this Sig brace letter after business hours on a Friday before a 3-day Gov weekend. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you will.

The most worrying thing about this announcement is the way the online gun community is tearing it’s hair out, blaming people for writing in asking for clarification of the regulation. We have no idea if that is what caused ATF to make this ruling, but screaming and bemoaning other shooters who “couldn’t leave well enough alone” reminds me of people calling civil rights reformers uppity.

Being able to do something so long as it escapes the gaze of your masters isn’t liberty. Now they’ve made a ruling and if there’s merit, Sig can take them to court like they did with the MPX.

Until then, stop trying to find someone to blame. We’re all shooters. Let’s get the hell along.

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