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I’ve Got Some Work to Do

This morning I’ve been cruising through some old match videos trying to come up with a game plan of things I need to work on in dry fire, and I found something from an old Wake County Action Pistol match that I thought I’d share.

I distinctly remember this stage. It was 3 strings, with a one or two strings starting with the pistol on the table, and the last string starting holstered. Because I started on the table previously, I just put the pistol in the holster and sat down, not thinking again about where the pistol was. Unfortunately seated draws cause my holster to be positioned a bit differently than standing draws, and when I went to grab the pistol, it wasn’t where I expected it to be. I fumbled the draw, and then instead of focusing on my sights, I was thinking about the botched draw stroke so I hesitated and messed up the rest of the stage.

I’ll be putting a folding chair in the garage and working on seated and table draws this week. What are you working on?

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