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Bizarro Week: Be Prepared/Situational Awareness

This afternoon I found myself saving the day for an unsuspecting member of the general public. I had to use a public restroom, and not long after entering the stall, I heard a voice from the other side of the wall. “Hey man, Could you pass me some toilet paper? There’s none over here.” I happily obliged, and passed this poor soul some TP under the wall. Checking for TP is one of the things …

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Bizarro Week: “It’s for Breast Cancer Awareness” Rant

Now listen, I love boobs as much as the next guy, and breast cancer is a terrible disease, which makes it easy for scammers to latch onto, and tug at our heart strings in an attempt to sell their product. Yesterday afternoon I stopped to fill up the Tactical Compact Sedan before heading to the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center for the monthly Action Pistol match. After getting the pump into the car, …

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Bizarro Week: I Hate Deer Hunting

Blasphemy, I know. I grew up in Northern Michigan and spent every fall wing shooting, and deer hunting with my dad. I always looked forward to bird hunting because it was fun to walk around the woods while BSing with my dad, and watching our old Springer Spaniel “Springer” work. After small game season ended, firearm deer season always started on November 15th. I always put on a good face for deer hunting, but I …

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Bizarro Week: Whiskey Stones are Garbage

I like the idea if chilled whiskey as much as the next guy, and in my travels I came across these whiskey stones which are basically little cubes of soapstone that you freeze which are supposed to keep your drink cold without diluting it. The trouble is, they don’t really keep your drink that cold. Yeah, when you first pour it they have a cooling effect, but after a minute or two, they are just …

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