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Gearing up for the Day-Night-Day Match: Ben’s Gear

So the Day-Night-Day is tomorrow, and I’ve got my gear just about squared away. Which is to say, I’ve figured out which gun to shoot and I already have enough stuff on hand that it should be a breeze. Gun and gear Around this time last year, I’d had my 1911, a Springfield TRP, for a few months but wasn’t quite ready to shoot my second D-N-D with a brand new gun (smart or scared? …

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Gearing Up For Day-Night-Day: Flashlight Technique

Being a dyed in the wool gamer, I’ve always just run a weapon mounted light in low-light/no-light matches. I’ve committed to running more “real life” type gear in IDPA matches for a while, and that means no weapon mounted lights for this feller. I mentioned in last nights post that I picked up a Streamlight ProTac HL, and I really like it, but now I have to learn how to use it. I found this …

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Gearing Up For The Day-Night-Day Match: Luke’s Gear

I’ve been shooting competitively in this area for 4ish years, and finally the stars have aligned, and I’m going to be able to shoot the Day-Night-Day match at The Range in Oxford, NC. This match consists of 3 IDPA matches: the first match shot Saturday afternoon, the second after dark Saturday night, and the third Sunday morning. Info at The-Range.com Flashlight: The night portion of the match is the reason that I’m so excited about …

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