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Gearing Up For Day-Night-Day: Flashlight Technique

Being a dyed in the wool gamer, I’ve always just run a weapon mounted light in low-light/no-light matches. I’ve committed to running more “real life” type gear in IDPA matches for a while, and that means no weapon mounted lights for this feller. I mentioned in last nights post that I picked up a Streamlight ProTac HL, and I really like it, but now I have to learn how to use it.

I found this video from the Ruger Tactical Tips series pretty useful, and I’m wishing my light came with one of those Surefire combat rings that he has on his light.

I’m thinking the most useful techniques for a relative beginner like me will be the “Pucket Technique” (neck index) and a slightly modified version of the syringe technique.

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