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Chad Thompson Thinks You Can Shoot Better

And I think he’s right. I’ve shot with Chad a couple of times, and in addition to being a hell of a shooter and a good dude, he’s starting a series of YouTube videos on getting into competitive shooting. Check out the first two, and go subscribe to his channel: (1st YouTube link for Email/RSS Readers) (2nd YouTube link for Email/RSS Readers)

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Video: Dry Fire Basics

Ben shot a quick video about the basics of dry fire. After we did Episode 66 of the podcast, we received even more questions about what constructive dry fire actually looks like. This will be the first in a series of videos Ben is doing about dry fire. Notice that he isn’t just pulling the trigger on the first shot and re-cocking the hammer for the next. He’s dropping the hammer, and then you can …

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Washing Brass Instead of Tumbling

I attempted washing brass instead of tumbling it using a recipe I found on YouTube. It was a failed experiment, and I’ll be buying a tumbler now. What a mess… (Link for Email/RSS readers)

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Film Review: Sir Walter USPSA, April 2014, Part 2

Last time, good stages. This time, the problems begin. To start with, the first malfunction I’ve had in this gun in at least 2000 rounds. Last match season, this gun was incredibly finicky, but this year, it’s just kept running and so I kept “forgetting” to clean it. Eventually, I got bit in the ass, to the tune of adding 6 seconds to what should have been an 18 second stage. This stage is a …

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Film Review: Sir Walter USPSA, April 2014, Part 1

At this month’s match, I really tried to put in to practice the two main things I’d been practicing for the last few weeks: controlling recoil by really gripping the gun hard and moving with a sense of purpose and urgency. Both of these things manifested themselves in this first stage, which is one of the best I’ve ever shot. A good run on a stage relies on two things: good stage planning and good …

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Episode 75 on YouTube

Episode 75 has been extremely popular, so I went ahead and uploaded it to YouTube for your listening pleasure. (Link for those reading this in an E-mail or RSS reader)

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