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The NRA Fires a Second Blast at Joe Biden

Recently I posted a video made by the NRA where they ridicule Vice President “Slow” Joe Biden on his advise for women to buy a shotgun for self defense, and to just fire it out the window if they feel threatened. Today, the NRA has another video, this time in response to Mr. Biden’s advise to just fire your shotgun through the door of your home if you feel threatened. Give it a watch.

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Wake Co. PPC Match Video

Ben sent me this link of him shooting the Wake Co. PPC match last week. Nice camera work with two cameras. Should give you a good idea what PPC is all about!

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Flying with a firearm in checked baggage.

Rather than try to explain it all in text, I went ahead and shot this quick video explaining it. Say what you will about the jackboot thuggery of the TSA, but they were very professional, and easy going when I checked my bag with them both times. Make sure you check with your airline, and the TSA before flying with a firearm to make sure you follow all of the policies and procedures. TSA Website …

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