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WCFETC Action Matches Cancelled

I’m a sad panda this morning. Last night those of us who shoot the WCFETC Action matches received word that the matches are cancelled going forward. I’m sorry to hear it, as these Monday night shooting matches were some of my favorite shooting matches around. I want to publicly thank Joel Pendergraft for running the matches over the past few years. I know he put in a lot of work and did it because he …

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Wake Co. Action Pistol 5-21-12

Great match last night with a lot of new shooters, and a lot of very good shooters as well. These matches are a really good time, and there is a big group of us that usually finish near the top that always show up, trash talk with each other, and have a fun night. I ended up in second place, with the spread of scores between 2nd, 3ed and 4th being very, very close: 17.69, …

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