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Wake Co. Action Pistol 5-21-12

Great match last night with a lot of new shooters, and a lot of very good shooters as well. These matches are a really good time, and there is a big group of us that usually finish near the top that always show up, trash talk with each other, and have a fun night. I ended up in second place, with the spread of scores between 2nd, 3ed and 4th being very, very close:

17.69, 17.45, and 17.33 respectively.With 5th place dropping down into the 15’s.

Mr. Craig G. showed us all how to shoot, taking first place with a 21.04, and the highest score on 3/4 of the stages. Nice shootin’ Craig!

Anyways, here’s the video of Heath and I on the 2 longer stages:

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  1. Always a great time shooting with you guys. Great site you have here.

  2. Great time guys, look forward to next month.

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