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Adventures in Reloading #5 – Crappy Brass

I came across this brass while reloading the other day. Headstamp reads “IMT 9mm Luger”. You’ll notice on the cut out piece of brass that there’s a ridge on the inside of the case where the brass gets thicker, as opposed to normal brass that thickens gradually down the length of the case. The trouble I ran into with this stuff was when running it into the crimp die, sometimes they would stick. They would …

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Pic of the Day: .40 Doesn’t Equal .45

This morning I pulled my car up to the range, and opened the door. Just as I was about to step out a couple casings on the ground caught my eye. For a split second I thought they were some exotic bottleneck cartridge, then realized, no, someone just shot a magazine of .40S&W through their .45ACP pistol.

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Adventures in Reloading #3 – Go Buy This

A long time ago Ben told me about this socket timer thing that he bought that would allow his tumbler to run for a certain amount of time, then shut it off. My first thought was “Oh, like a Christmas light timer!” Rong. The thing with a Christmas light timer is that if you tumble the brass, and then you forget to check it before the next day comes around, you will end up tumbling …

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Washing Brass Instead of Tumbling

I attempted washing brass instead of tumbling it using a recipe I found on YouTube. It was a failed experiment, and I’ll be buying a tumbler now. What a mess… (Link for Email/RSS readers)

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