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Adventures in Reloading #3 – Go Buy This

A long time ago Ben told me about this socket timer thing that he bought that would allow his tumbler to run for a certain amount of time, then shut it off.

My first thought was “Oh, like a Christmas light timer!”


The thing with a Christmas light timer is that if you tumble the brass, and then you forget to check it before the next day comes around, you will end up tumbling it again, and again, and again until you remember to check the tumbler. Not a huge deal for most of us, but there’s a better solution, and it’s pretty cheap.

Enter the Belkin Conserve Socket:

This thing works just like a Christmas light timer, but instead of turning it on and off, and on again at certain times, it just turns the socket on when you plug it in, and let’s your tumbler run for a specified amount of time (30mins, 3hrs, or 6hrs) and then turns it off.

Even as a newb reloader I’ve found myself saying “How long has that stuff been in there?” or heading out the door for the day, and either having to unplug the tumbler because I’m going to be gone for a long time, and forgetting to plug it back in when I get home.

Go grab one of these things from Amazon, it’s ridiculously useful for your tumbler or any number of other things (I’m going to use mine for my food dehydrator too). It’s not a make it or break it sort of thing that you must own, but it’s cheap, simple, and let’s me worry about other things than how long my brass has been tumbling.

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