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I Stippled My Becker BK2

I reported several months back that I had purchased a Becker BK2 knife to pull bushcraft and woods duty. I found the knife to be a hefty beast, but immediately the slick plastic grip scales were a problem. I want this knife to do everything I need in the woods, and the slick handle just wasn’t cutting it for me. While it isn’t the ideal knife for all tasks, it’s certainly a good jack of …

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Becker BK2 – First Impression

Yesterday the FedEx guy dropped off a package for me, containing a Becker BK2 fixed blade knife. I’ve been looking for a stout knife to use in the woods, and judging by all of the reviews I read online, the Becker BK2 provided the best bang for the buck. One of the things that drew me to the BK2 is the large drop point blade. It seems that most other knifes of this size have …

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DIY – Pine Cone Stove

Years ago when I was a Boy Scout, I had a scoutmaster that had a cool little wood burning stove that he would use on occasion at different camping events. The cool thing about this stove is that it folds up completely flat, taking up almost no room in a pack, which if you have ever done much backpacking, you know that is a good thing. It was one of those things that would pop …

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