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I Stippled My Becker BK2

I reported several months back that I had purchased a Becker BK2 knife to pull bushcraft and woods duty. I found the knife to be a hefty beast, but immediately the slick plastic grip scales were a problem. I want this knife to do everything I need in the woods, and the slick handle just wasn’t cutting it for me. While it isn’t the ideal knife for all tasks, it’s certainly a good jack of all trades. From batoning wood, to dressing a whitetail, the BK2 is up to the task.

I contemplated making some micarta grip scales for it, and I actually made the blanks, but it became one of those projects that got pushed aside that will probably never get finished.

Yesterday I had an epiphany! I’ve stippled a bunch of PMAGs, and a couple handguns in the past, so why not the plastic scales on the knife? I sat down at the kitchen table, cue’d up ‘The Departed‘ and went to town with my soldering iron. This was my first time using this pattern, and I think it turned out quite nice.

As we will slowly begin to move into fall here in the Carolinas, I plan to put this hefty knife through its paces. Stay tuned.

Have you ever stippled something for better grip? How did it turn out?

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