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Becker BK2 – First Impression

Yesterday the FedEx guy dropped off a package for me, containing a Becker BK2 fixed blade knife. I’ve been looking for a stout knife to use in the woods, and judging by all of the reviews I read online, the Becker BK2 provided the best bang for the buck.

One of the things that drew me to the BK2 is the large drop point blade. It seems that most other knifes of this size have a clip point blade, and I just prefer the drop point. The blade has plenty of belly, and cuts pretty nicely for having such a thick blade.

The BK2 is a full tang knife, with a 1/4″ thick blade. It’s a serious piece of steel, much more hefty than I was expecting. It’s made of 1095 carbon steel, which provides easy sharpening, good edge retention, but is prone to rust (which is why the blade is coated black).

I haven’t put it to any serious use just yet, but I’m excited to get it out in the woods, and to see what it can do. Admittedly, the blade is thicker than I thought it would be. I knew it was 1/4″ thick, but I didn’t really imagine how thick that really was until I received the knife. It still seems pretty handy, so I’m going to put it through it’s paces and see what it can do.

Right off the bat, the biggest downside I can see with this knife is the handle scales. They are made of a plastic or nylon, and are pretty slick right out of the package. I considered stippling them with a soldering iron like I do some firearms, but decided that I’ll just take them off, and make some custom micarta scales for the knife at a later date.

In the pictures below you can see a comparison shot of the tang of the BK2 compared to the tang of my old Case hunting knife that I deer hunt with. The difference in size is quite large, which should make the BK2 a a good chopper in the woods.

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  1. Curious, have you done anything with the handle scales on this yet? If so what and are you pleased with the outcome?

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