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DryFireTimer.com Video

Back in Episode 51, we had a listener question about constructive dry fire practice, so I thought I’d make a quick video about the DryFireTimer.com app that I’ve been using for a while. I have found it to be a pretty valuable tool for getting to work. If this app interests you, check it out in the app store, and help out Triangle Tactical as well by using the affiliate link below:

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Match Review from RRRC

Since I’ll be missing this week’s podcast due to 1) being in Virginia and 2) being replaced by the awesome Humble Mechanic, I couldn’t help wrapping up my thoughts on the RRRC USPSA match this weekend. Before we roll the tape, a little back story: three weeks ago, I shot the Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match in Creedmoor, NC and sucked. Bad. The culmination of it all was the classifier stage where I was …

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A Free App to Help With Dry Fire (IPSC Shot Timer)

If you follow the Triangle Tactical Facebook page, you may have seen a post recently about how I am getting back into a dry fire routine after falling off the wagon for a few months. One reason that a lot of people don’t do constructive dry fire practice, is that most shooters (myself included) don’t own a shot timer. Having a timer, with a ‘Par Time’ function is crucial to constructive practice. As I mentioned …

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Dry Fire Journal #2 – Progress is Progress

I’ve been pretty consistent in my dry fire practice over the past week. This makes 2 weeks total that I have been practicing. I’m still working on getting a faster draw, but I am finally seeing some improvement. The first drill I’ve been working on is standing, hands at my sides, on the buzzer draw, and engage target at 7 yards with 2 rounds in the high A zone. The novice time for this is …

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Dry Fire Journal #1 – Prepare to be humbled.

Over the past few months I have noticed that my progress as a shooter has stalled, and I am not gaining any speed at matches, and my scores are staying in the same place, while those around me are gaining traction, and getting better all the time. I do not have access to a range where I can setup stages and drills and run them live, so getting more practice that way is out of …

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