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Dry Fire Journal #2 – Progress is Progress

I’ve been pretty consistent in my dry fire practice over the past week. This makes 2 weeks total that I have been practicing. I’m still working on getting a faster draw, but I am finally seeing some improvement.

The first drill I’ve been working on is standing, hands at my sides, on the buzzer draw, and engage target at 7 yards with 2 rounds in the high A zone. The novice time for this is 1.7 seconds, and I’m finally starting to break the second shot, and have the pistol heading back for the holster before the second buzzer goes off most of the time. I’ll probably knock another tenth of a second off of the timer this coming week to challenge me to get faster.

I’ve also been doing some reloading drills, and first things first, these massive magazine baseplates on the M&P make reloading a pain, as they change the angle of the magazine in my hand (as compared to my Glock magazines), which is making me miss the magazine well on the pistol sometimes. I ordered some baseplates for the M&P Compact which are a good bit smaller, so when they arrive, hopefully they will remedy this issue.

This next week I want to start working on some transitions from target to target. I’ve noticed in some videos of me shooting recently that I’m sluggish in this department, and I could shave some time off of my scores if I speed up here.

I’m also going to start working on some more complicated drills, to hopefully work on my mental game, as well as practice my shooting skills. Drills that involve movement, kneeling, turning, etc. should all help me to keep my head in the game.

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  1. Have you ever looked into the Laserlyte training system stuff? I have been reading up on it for doing some practice at the house. Thoughts?

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