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Removing Glock Magazine Baseplates

From time to time I hear someone complain about how hard it is to remove Glock magazine baseplates. Several places sell special tools for this, and it’s all unnecessary. All you need is a 1/8″ punch to stick in the bottom of the magazine, and then you can just pop the baseplate right off. (Video link for Email/RSS Readers)

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The S&W M&P Magazine Baseplates Are Too Big!

One of my gripes about the S&W M&P9 Pro is that the magazine baseplates are just too big! With the baseplate being so large, it changes the angle of the magazine in my hand during a reload, and is causing me to fumble some reloads. Certainly I could just practice more and more until I’m used to the different angle, however, I like to stay proficient with both of the pistols that I shoot most …

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Dry Fire Journal #2 – Progress is Progress

I’ve been pretty consistent in my dry fire practice over the past week. This makes 2 weeks total that I have been practicing. I’m still working on getting a faster draw, but I am finally seeing some improvement. The first drill I’ve been working on is standing, hands at my sides, on the buzzer draw, and engage target at 7 yards with 2 rounds in the high A zone. The novice time for this is …

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