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Removing Glock Magazine Baseplates

From time to time I hear someone complain about how hard it is to remove Glock magazine baseplates. Several places sell special tools for this, and it’s all unnecessary. All you need is a 1/8″ punch to stick in the bottom of the magazine, and then you can just pop the baseplate right off.

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  1. Sorry, but try this with a California-compliant 10-rd mag, and you’ll end up with a bent punch. The 10-rd mags have molded-in ribs on the interior (essentially creating a single-stack magazine), resulting in a much stiffer mag.

    To get mine apart, I have to put them in a small bench vise, tighten them a bit, push in the tab, and then use a metal punch and rubber mallet to tap the plate past the two “ears” on the mag tube. Otherwise, no cleaning occurs.

    The standard capacity mags are a lot easier to take apart.

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