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Aftermarket Glock Magazines that Don’t Suck?

Yeah, I’m interested, especially if they weigh within 2oz of a factory Glock 17 magazine (I’m sure they do) so they will be USPSA Production legal. Magpul is going some cool stuff this year, looks like that move out of Colorado isn’t hurting them.

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Dry Fire Protip #1 – Magazine Baseplate Retainers

During the summer months I brought my dry fire practice into the living room, and lined up my targets across the top of the TV. This worked great, but I wasn’t able to move as much as I would have liked, so now that the weather has cooled down a bit, I spent most of the evening last night getting the garage all set up again for dry fire. All summer I just used my …

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Removing Glock Magazine Baseplates

From time to time I hear someone complain about how hard it is to remove Glock magazine baseplates. Several places sell special tools for this, and it’s all unnecessary. All you need is a 1/8″ punch to stick in the bottom of the magazine, and then you can just pop the baseplate right off. (Video link for Email/RSS Readers)

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S&W M&P 9mm Magazine Follower Design Change?

I was recently able to order a couple of M&P 9mm magazines from Midway, and the new magazine followers are just a little different from the M&P magazines that I have purchased in the past. The part of the follower that pushes up on the slide stop appears to have a small bevel on it that is absent on the older followers. When inserting the new magazines into the pistol, the new follower will sometimes …

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