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Triangle Gun Store Owners Talk AK-47 Sales Surge

The Triangle Business Journal did a piece on the new import sanctions for Russian AK-47s and the effect that it has been having on local Triangle area gun stores. They interviewed Barry Perry of Perry’s Gun Store in Wendell, and Jim McComas from Carolina Gunrunners in Raleigh. “It’s not going to change the way we do business at all,” says McComas. “It may make (the AK-47) more desirable for collectors, but that’s a very small …

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Barry Promises More Executive Orders

Am I the only one who really isn’t all that worried about his promise of more executive orders? His twenty something EUs on guns last year were all pretty tame, and within his power as Chief Executive. Recently he issued a couple “executive actions” (press releases) about some other stuff that was still within his power. The only real concern I have would be more regulations from the BATFE on NFA items, but I think …

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Obama’s Executive Orders Against Expensive Guns

Today Obama signed two more executive orders which will have exactly zero effect on curbing “gun violence” in America. The first of the EOs stops the importation of US military surplus firearms. I can only assume after reading about this that this will effect the M1 Garands and Carbines that are sitting in South Korea. You know, because gang bangers are plaguing cities around the nation with 8rd, clip fed, 5′ long rifles that weigh …

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President Barrack Hussein Obamas Executive Orders

Today President BHO unveiled his 23 executive orders that he believes will help curb gun violence in the US. I didn’t listen to his speech, as my blood pressure is high enough already, but I did follow up with the executive orders that he signed. Here’s a synopsis of them: 1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system. 2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, …

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