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Obama’s Executive Orders Against Expensive Guns

Today Obama signed two more executive orders which will have exactly zero effect on curbing “gun violence” in America.

The first of the EOs stops the importation of US military surplus firearms. I can only assume after reading about this that this will effect the M1 Garands and Carbines that are sitting in South Korea. You know, because gang bangers are plaguing cities around the nation with 8rd, clip fed, 5′ long rifles that weigh 12lbs.

The second EO makes some changes to the way that NFA trusts work. I’ll be honest, I’m not totally up to speed on this yet, but I’m guessing the changes that will be made will be adding pictures and fingerprints to the required documentation for NFA trusts, as outlined in this article by The Hill. Properly registered NFA firearms do not turn up at crime scenes, as the people who go through the process to get machine guns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and even suppressors take their responsibility seriously, and don’t want to lose their rights.

Neither of these are going to have any effect on violent crime. The types of firearms impacted by both of these EO’s are not used in street crime, but rather held in collections by history buffs, and and used for sport shooting by enthusiasts. I can only think that Mr. Obama did this as a way to give a middle finger to gun owners in response to the Senate gun control bill failing to pass earlier this year.

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  1. The sentence in bold type contains a double negative, and as a result, it means the opposite of what you intended to say. To fix this problem, do one of the following (but not both!):
    – Delete “Neither of”.
    – Delete “not”.

  2. Well put, even with the grammar correction.

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