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Iowa Firearms Coalition: Suppressor Facts

Fantastic video that really gets the point across regarding suppressors. Share the video, it does a good job showing what suppressors really do and in a way that’s easy to understand. I dig it. Now I want a suppressor even more.

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BATFE eFile is Back, and Faster Than Ever

A few months back the BATFE shut down their eFile system for processing the forms needed to gain a tax stamp for a suppressors, and short barreled rifles and shotguns. The draw of the eFile system was that it provided turnaround for processing the forms in a matter of a month or two, as opposed to the six plus months that mailing in the forms. Earlier this week the eFile system came back online, and …

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Obama’s Executive Orders Against Expensive Guns

Today Obama signed two more executive orders which will have exactly zero effect on curbing “gun violence” in America. The first of the EOs stops the importation of US military surplus firearms. I can only assume after reading about this that this will effect the M1 Garands and Carbines that are sitting in South Korea. You know, because gang bangers are plaguing cities around the nation with 8rd, clip fed, 5′ long rifles that weigh …

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NC Sheriff Threatening Suppressor Sign-offs if HB937 Passes

It is being reported that Sheriff Williams of Ashe County, NC is threatening the citizens of his county that he will stop signing off on suppressors if HB937 passes into law. Why Suppressors? I haven’t quite figured this out. HB937 does make it legal to hunt with a suppressor in NC, but I would think that the Sheriff Williams would agree with this, because certainly allowing responsible people (the ones who have went through the …

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