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Iowa Firearms Coalition: Suppressor Facts

Fantastic video that really gets the point across regarding suppressors. Share the video, it does a good job showing what suppressors really do and in a way that’s easy to understand. I dig it.

Now I want a suppressor even more.

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  1. BATFE still calls them “Silencer” in the regulations. You better put that on your Form 1 or Form 4 in Block 4(b) to comply with the regulations.

  2. I thought it was a very well done video. But, how many of the anti’s are really going to see it?

    • It doesn’t matter if the anti’s see it. They can’t be convinced with facts.

      What matters is the people in the middle who are undecided. When they see facts about something that they haven’t yet formed an opinion on, they can then make a decision.

  3. Great video. Does an excellent job explaining what a suppressor really is and that it is FAAAAAAAR from a silencer! Anyone who owns one knows the real facts. Hopefully this video goes out to the majority who don’t!

  4. Good video that gets the facts out there for the uninformed/undecided voter demographic. My only small complaint is the distinction between silencer and suppressor. The guy that invented it called it a silencer, so that’s good enough for me. Yes, it was for marketing purposes, but I still say we reclaim the name.

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