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NC Sheriff Threatening Suppressor Sign-offs if HB937 Passes

It is being reported that Sheriff Williams of Ashe County, NC is threatening the citizens of his county that he will stop signing off on suppressors if HB937 passes into law.

Why Suppressors?

I haven’t quite figured this out. HB937 does make it legal to hunt with a suppressor in NC, but I would think that the Sheriff Williams would agree with this, because certainly allowing responsible people (the ones who have went through the whole rigmarole of getting a legal suppressor) to hunt with a suppressor would cut down on the amount of gun shot calls that the sheriffs deputies would have to respond to during hunting season, right?

It’s All About The Benjamins

So, why are so many of the sheriffs, and the NCSA fighting to keep the Pistol Purchase Permit system? Well, I hadn’t heard of this until the GRNC alert went out a couple days ago, but there is a bill which has passed the Senate, and is currently in the House that would double the price of the PPP from $5 to $10. Guess who keeps the money made from selling PPPs?


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