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Triangle Gun Store Owners Talk AK-47 Sales Surge

The Triangle Business Journal did a piece on the new import sanctions for Russian AK-47s and the effect that it has been having on local Triangle area gun stores. They interviewed Barry Perry of Perry’s Gun Store in Wendell, and Jim McComas from Carolina Gunrunners in Raleigh.

“It’s not going to change the way we do business at all,” says McComas. “It may make (the AK-47) more desirable for collectors, but that’s a very small percentage. Some of the better ones are not from Russia. I.O. Inc. here in North Carolina makes AK-47s.”

Both stores reported that they saw an increase in people asking about how the import ban, and Perry’s reported that sales spiked a bit mid week. It was agreed that the import sanctions won’t have much affect on the AK market currently since relatively few of the AKs currently being imported are coming out of Russia.



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  1. AK’s are like fine wines…some are an acquired taste.

    I never got bit by the AK bug but I have many friends that did.

    In any case, my understanding is there are American companies re-inventing the wheel (the AK) and doing a better job at it than anything you can buy for a reasonable price.

    I hope so, I might get “bit” one of these days.

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