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Review Revisited: G-Code INCOG with Mag Caddy

Last year I posted my thoughts on the excellent G-Code INCOG holster for my Springfield XDs 9mm. When I reviewed the holster initially I didn’t have the on board mag caddy, and I feel that the holster+mag caddy deserves it’s own review because it’s different with the attached mag caddy. Full Disclosure: The folks at G-Code generously provided me with the mag caddy for this review. Before the INCOG mag caddy arrived I’d never held …

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It Followed Me Home: Shield Edition

Local gun shops are dangerous places for your wallet, especially when the guys behind the counter know you well enough to know your taste in guns. This afternoon I stopped in to Carolina Gunrunners in North Raleigh to consign a pistol that I don’t shoot anymore, and we got to talking about the XDs recall and Mike suggested that I should buy a S&W Shield to carry while the XDs is off getting repaired. I’d …

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G-Code INCOG Holster Review

It finally arrived! After just over a month of waiting, my G-Code INCOG holster arrived for the Springfield XDs 9mm! I opted for the black/gray version, with 3-hole clips, and a full sweat guard. After rockin’ this thing for a few weeks, here’s my G-Code INCOG Holster Review: When I pulled the box out of the mail, I was surprised how small the box was. No matter, I quickly opened it up and removed the …

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