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Review Revisited: G-Code INCOG with Mag Caddy

Last year I posted my thoughts on the excellent G-Code INCOG holster for my Springfield XDs 9mm. When I reviewed the holster initially I didn’t have the on board mag caddy, and I feel that the holster+mag caddy deserves it’s own review because it’s different with the attached mag caddy.

Full Disclosure: The folks at G-Code generously provided me with the mag caddy for this review.

Before the INCOG mag caddy arrived I’d never held one in my hands, and other than looking at some pictures online I wasn’t very familiar it. The mag caddy arrived with some longer fasteners to attach it to the holster, and it attaches using the same holes that one of the holster clips attaches to. I was concerned how adding the extra size and bulk to the holster would carry, but if you carry in the appendix position you probably have noticed there is a little extra space near the slide of the pistol (pictured right). The INCOG mag caddy takes advantage of this gap, and fills it with an extra magazine. It’s pretty much the perfect place for a spare magazine when carrying AIWB.


Just like the INCOG holster, the INCOG mag caddy was made with great quality. The kydex edges are finished nice and smooth, just like I’ve come to expect with G-Code’s products.

The magazine pouch has an adjustable retention screw, and it holds the 7 round XDs 9mm magazine with a good amount or retention, while maintaining a smooth draw while pulling the magazine out of the pouch.

Added Bulk:

I’d be lying if I told you that adding the mag caddy to the INCOG wasn’t noticeable when carrying. There’s a little more bulk in my pants, but it’s not uncomfortable, and after a little tweaking of the ride height and cant of the holster, I don’t notice it anymore. I will say that I’m a tinkerer, and if there’s something in my carry rig that I don’t like, I’m not afraid to modify it until it works the way I want it to. I haven’t felt the need to modify the INCOG mag caddy at all, but I did end up rounding off the rear corners of my XDs magazine baseplate so it wouldn’t irritate me while sitting.


Adding more bulk to an IWB holster is most certainly a concern for most people who carry concealed. If you are like me, the slightest hint of printing from the pistol or holster when carrying isn’t acceptable. I was concerned about this, but the placement of the magazine in the unused space in my waistband means that the magazine doesn’t print, and it doesn’t make the pistol print either. The holster conceals just like it did before I added the mag caddy.


I was concerned that with the mag caddy attached to the INCOG it would make a it a big, rigid piece of uncomfortable kydex in the front of my pants. Once again, G-Code came through with a really well designed system for attaching the mag caddy to the holster. It’s flexible so that bending over and sitting with the INCOG in the appendix position isn’t much more of a chore than without the mag caddy attached. The attachment allows the mag caddy to flex and twist independent of the holster which I’ve found beneficial while cramming into my tiny compact sedan and while sitting in booths at restaurants. It’s a simple thing, but it really helps make it more comfortable.

Final Thoughts:

The INCOG mag caddy is based around appendix carry. It places the magazine in the perfect place while carrying AIWB, and it does what it’s supposed to do. I will say that at if you use the INCOG for hip carry I would recommend getting a magazine pouch that places it on the other side of your body. It’ll still work, but reloading your pistol with the magazine attached to the holster on your strong side would be tough.

Bottom Line: If you own an INCOG, you should get a mag caddy for it. If you are ordering a new INCOG, you should get a mag caddy for it.
Just like the INCOG itself, I give the mag caddy an A+. Well done.

Since adding it to my INCOG, I hadn’t taken it off until I needed to take pictures of it for this review, and it’s back on the holster now.

If you want to order one of these, head over to G-Code’s website and get one headed your way.

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  1. I just saw this article on the mag holster for the INCOG. Until then I hadn’t heard of this holster but I went back to your original article last summer and was really impressed with your review. Also watching several youtube videos about this holster, I decided I must try one for my G23. My only question is the half shirt guard or the full shirt guard? What are the pros and cons? Your thoughts??

    • I have a full sweat guard, Ben has a half sweat guard. I say buy the full, you could always trim it later on. I like it because it keeps my metal from the gun away from my skin.

  2. This might sound weird but I’m going to ask anyway. I just got my INCOG in the mail and been trying to find the the correct position to carry it. I found offset 12(left handed) works for me, my question is though looking at your photos it seems you do the opposite of me, but I have a good 1″ to 1 1/2″ gap between my jeans and undershirt, do you have any suggestions?

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