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G-Code INCOG Holster Review

It finally arrived! After just over a month of waiting, my G-Code INCOG holster arrived for the Springfield XDs 9mm! I opted for the black/gray version, with 3-hole clips, and a full sweat guard. After rockin’ this thing for a few weeks, here’s my G-Code INCOG Holster Review:

When I pulled the box out of the mail, I was surprised how small the box was. No matter, I quickly opened it up and removed the holster. Upon initial inspection, I was already impressed. This was actually the first time I’ve held an INCOG holster in my hands, so I gave it a good once over before I retrieved the XDs 9mm to check for fit. I’ve owned some G-Code products in the past and they have always been good quality, but this particular model seems to be a step above the older products that I’ve owned.

There were a couple things that drew me to this holster: One being the fact that G-Code is an NC based company, and I like to buy local if at all possible. The second thing being that I’ve been dabbling in appendix carry, and the thought of a holster that could pull dual duty as both appendix and hip carry was appealing.


The INCOG fits my XDs 9mm like a glove. After a quick turn of the retention screw, the pistol slides in and has just a little snap as the trigger guard gets to its final destination. Perfect.


As someone who dabbles with kydex from time to time, I’ve found that a good way to judge a kydex holster is by looking at the finish of the product around the edges. A lot of kydex products get shipped with minimal finishing, which can lead to a sharp edge up against your body when carrying. This isn’t the case with the INCOG. All of the edges have been worked over nice and smooth. The sides of the kydex blend nicely into the edges, with no sharp spots anywhere. The finish is really phenomenal.

So, How’s it Carry?

Of course, after I gave the holster a quick once over, I couldn’t wait to try it on. One of the features of the INCOG is the offset clips which work to draw the butt of the pistol into your side. The clips also have a little bit of a bend to them which make this work even better. The Springfield XDs 9mm isn’t a big pistol so I didn’t expect the butt of the pistol to stick out, and the design works nicely to keep it tucked into my belly.

Until I had the holster in my hands (and in my pants…) I didn’t realize how much the clips are offset, and how that works to make the holster conceal the pistol better. You see, when your belt goes through the offset  clips, it creates some tension which pulls in the butt of the pistol.

You can see in the pictures how much the clips are offset, and how this creates an angle that will aid in concealment of the pistol. It’s a simple, and elegant design that I hadn’t noticed until I actually received the holster.

In the picture on the right, both of the clips are flat on the table, and the pistol is sitting at a nice angle.

The “tactical fuzz” on the outside of the holster is also a nice touch. It actually creates a little friction with my undershirt, and helps to hold the entire unit in place without me having to cinch my belt down quite as tight.

Long Term Comfort:

Due to North Carolina’s awesome concealed carry reciprocity, I had the opportunity turn myself into a lab rat, and really put this holster through it’s paces while on a road trip last week. I left the Raleigh, NC area and drove about 1,000 miles to Northern MI while wearing the G-Code INCOG, and the Springfield XDs 9mm the entire way. The trip took just a little over 15hrs one way and I didn’t have any discomfort from the holster on the entire drive (discomfort from the seats in my econobox commuter car is another story…). A few days later I made the return trip, and other than dropping the pistol and holster onto the floor of a rest area bathroom stall, it rode great on the way home as well.

Final Thoughts:

G-Code makes an optional magazine carrier that attaches to the INCOG holster that I opted not to buy when I ordered it. I wasn’t sure if I would like the holster, and I didn’t want to make the additional investment at the time having never held an INCOG in my hands. Looking back, I wish I had bought the mag carrier. I used some scrap kydex I had in the garage and mocked one up, and I like having the magazine right in front. I’ll be ordering the magazine carrier soon.

I really thought long and hard about a downside to this holster, and I’m not able to come up with anything I dislike. Not only is the G-Code INCOG a phenomenal holster, the best part is that it’s made right here in NC, so I feel good about contributing to the local economy as well.

Rating: A+


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  1. Here’s another review on this holster – also very positive: http://www.thebangswitch.com/the-incog-from-g-code-and-hsp/ or just the video version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od1ynYDDRHI#t=126

    Thanks for all you share!

  2. I live in TX, so why should I buy it?

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