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It’s Not the Gun, It’s the Shooter

When talking to people about getting into competitive shooting, a common thing I hear it’s that they need to go buy a new gun before they get started. In a vast majority of cases though, they currently have a gun and gear that’s more than good enough to start. Case in point: The Wake County Action Pistol Matches Last Monday we shot the exact same stages that we shot on Wednesday. I shot Monday with …

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H2O Fowl Farms IDPA September 2014 Match Report

On Saturday I shot the H2O Fowl Farms September IDPA match. I added most of my comments in the video as a voice-over, so have a watch: I made some very amateur mistakes that I need to work on going forward. I’ve already ditched the extended slide stop (which I knew would create a problem when I purchased the pistol, I just never bothered to swap it out), and hopefully I won’t have to deal …

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Production Legal Glock Gen4 Extended Magazine Release

A few months back I picked up a Gen4 Glock 34 to use as my main competition pistol. After countless hours of dry fire, and a bunch of matches with the pistol I’ve come to the conclusion that I want some sort of extended magazine release for the pistol. The trouble is that with the Gen4 pistols, Glock doesn’t offer an extended mag release from the factory. With the Gen3 line, the Glock 34 and …

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New Blaster, New Holster

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go shoot IDPA at The Range in Oxford, NC. I’m not a huge IDPA shooter these days, but I take it for what it is, and go shoot to have a good time. I had the new Glock 34 riding in the brand new (literally picked it up 20 minutes before the match started) D&D holster, shooting my reloads. I took a procedural penalty on the first stage …

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Goodbye M&P, Hello Glock 34

After talking about it for a number of years I finally picked up a Glock 34 to shoot in competition. I moved away from Glocks temporarily because I was having slide bite issues, and the new beavertail backstraps hadn’t been released yet for the Gen4 pistols. Now they are, and I’m back. I’m not a “Glock guy” (see Episode 24 of the podcast) but I have found that I prefer them over the M&P’s I’ve …

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