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New Blaster, New Holster


On Sunday I had the opportunity to go shoot IDPA at The Range in Oxford, NC. I’m not a huge IDPA shooter these days, but I take it for what it is, and go shoot to have a good time.

I had the new Glock 34 riding in the brand new (literally picked it up 20 minutes before the match started) D&D holster, shooting my reloads.

I took a procedural penalty on the first stage for not shooting the targets near to far, but other than that I has a pretty solid match. Not counting some IDPA rules issues (cover, etc) I was pretty happy with my shooting. Most stages only had a couple of downs, and no stupid mistakes.

The Glock 34 Gen4 is probably my favorite pistol that I’ve ever used for competition. Wearing the medium beavertail backstrap, the pistol just sits nicely in my hand, points naturally and seems to shoot quite reliably and accurate. I did have one issue with the slide locking rear while I was shooting, but I expect that has more to do with not swapping the extended slide release with a standard one just yet.

Anyways, I finished the match in the middle of my division, and in the upper half of overall. Given that were this close to the Carolina Cup, and everybody is bringing their A game, I’ll take it!

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  1. How in any way is this about a new holster ?

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