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CCW Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!

Today a bill was filed in NC for an extra special concealed carry permit that would basically allow permit holders to ignore all anti-ccw signage in the state… and… it would require them to carry a CCW badge issued by their sheriff. CCW badges are dumb, even if the bill would require them. Its SB708 and its called the Homeland Security Patriot Act. I almost feel like Senator Tarte is just trolling us with this.

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Apex, NC Police Do The #icebucketchallenge The Right Way

We’ve all seen a lot of negative news recently when it comes to Police departments, so I thought it would be nice to highlight a police department that is doing it right. Today the Apex, NC police department took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for the ALS Foundation. Post by Apex Police Department. In the beginning I thought that the Ice Bucket Challenge was a stupid thing: dump a bucket of …

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Bloomberg’s Friends in Morrisville, NC Tuesday Night

Sean has details that former Mayor of Morrisville, Jackie Holcombe may be planning to attend the Morrisville town council meeting on Tuesday night to pressure the town about their guns in parks rules (that were recently changed to comply with state law). I’m planning to attend. Are you?

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Morrisville, NC Parks Signed “No Guns” Incorrectly

It appears that even after ejecting Mayor against illegal guns Jackie Holcombe last year, the town of Morrisville, NC still hasn’t bothered to actually read the NC General Statutes regarding concealed carry in parks. Recently new signs appeared in the parks near baseball fields that say the following: “NOTICE: All Firearms Prohibited in This Area” The problem with this is that ever since HB937 was passed into law last year municipalities don’t have the authority …

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I’m at Bass Pro Shops in Cary

This place is pretty cool! First impressions: Way bigger than I was expecting when I walked in the door. Currently it must be the biggest sporting goods type store that we have in the Triangle. Much bigger than Gander Mountain. Small parking lot for such a big store. Not nearly as many guns as Gander Mountain. Not even close. Seriously, not even close. Bass Pro does carry reloading supplies, but that section of the store …

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Cabela’s Coming to the Triangle!

Sean sent this to me this morning, and it’s great news! Months back we received news that there were two large sporting goods stores coming to the Triangle, and I speculated that it would be Bass Pro Shops, and Academy Sports, but it appears that I was incorrect, and I’m ok with that. Cabelas has come out in recent months as a huge advocate for the shooting sports, as well as hunting and fishing. I’ve …

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