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I’m at Bass Pro Shops in Cary

This place is pretty cool! First impressions:

  1. Way bigger than I was expecting when I walked in the door. Currently it must be the biggest sporting goods type store that we have in the Triangle. Much bigger than Gander Mountain.
  2. Small parking lot for such a big store.
  3. Not nearly as many guns as Gander Mountain. Not even close. Seriously, not even close.
  4. Bass Pro does carry reloading supplies, but that section of the store is already pretty picked over. Looks like once things calm down they will have a good selection of powder, primers, cases, projectiles, and presses. I didn’t see any Dillon stuff, but they do carry MEC, Hornady, RCBS, and Lee presses and dies.
  5. Merle Haggard was playing overhead when I walked in. That’s good.
  6. Good selection of flashlights with demo models that you can play with. Lots of Streamlight stuff, and the run of the mill offerings from the usual brands.
  7. They carry CCW badges in the holster section. Really?
  8. Holster selection was about what I expected, with one surprise: Safariland 3-Gun gear. They had Safariland ELS belts, ELS attachments, shell caddies, mag pouches, holsters, etc. Good stuff, I was surprised to see it there.
  9. Tons of clothing, boats, fishing accessories, camping stuff, grills, and more stuff that I probably missed.
  10. This guy was welcoming, offering a nice handshake as I walked past the aquarium:

Bottom Line: Bass Pro isn’t a gun store. It’s a pretty awesome do-it-all outdoor store that also sells some guns.

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