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NRA Goes Full Retard with Tillis Endorsement

Sigh. If we’re rating candidates solely on their 2A stance, Tillis has shown to be just OK. I don’t think he’s as bad as some are saying when it comes to 2A issues, but we have a better 2A candidate who has earned GRNC’s endorsement: Greg Brannon. Personally, I’m not in love with Brannon either, but if we’re rating candidates solely on their 2A stance (which is what the NRA and GRNC should be doing), …

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Can we lay off the Whitehouse.gov petitions already!?

If you have been on Facebook, or any gun related forums over the past couple days, you have probably noticed the prevalence of Whitehouse.gov petitions asking the President to do everything from deporting CNN host Piers Morgan, to stopping a possible “Assault Weapons” ban, to asking that Diane Feinstein be tried for treason. Does anyone think that these petitions will do any good? Do you really think that if 20,000 people sign a petition, and …

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Call to Action: GRNC Petition to NC Reps.

Hit the link below, and sign the petition that will go out to our NC Senators and Representatives. This is important stuff, we need to take action to preserve our rights! GRNC petition to stop Obama gun ban. Also, if you are looking for a way to spend your Christmas money, consider joining the NRA and GRNC. These are the times when they need our support to preserve our rights.

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