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Being “Out” As A Gun Guy… Awesome Once Again

I met a new person yesterday, and ended up spending a while chatting with her about all sorts of stuff. As part of our conversation we got to talking about the Paleo diet, and I have a standard picture in my phone that I use to show people my weight loss. The picture is a comparison of me shooting two different matches, pistol in hand, one where I’m big and fat and disgusting, and one …

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Being Out as a Gun Guy is Awesome Once Again

Back in February I wrote a post about being “out” as a gun owner, and how it’s been pretty awesome for me. Late last week a friend told me that I should introduce myself to a new guy at work, just saying “You guys would probably get along really well.” Being the “out” gun guy/gunblogger at work, that comment could only mean one thing: new guy likes guns. Today we crossed paths, and I grabbed him …

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