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Being Out as a Gun Guy is Awesome Once Again

Back in February I wrote a post about being “out” as a gun owner, and how it’s been pretty awesome for me. Late last week a friend told me that I should introduce myself to a new guy at work, just saying “You guys would probably get along really well.”

Being the “out” gun guy/gunblogger at work, that comment could only mean one thing: new guy likes guns.

Today we crossed paths, and I grabbed him and said “So-and-so said I should talk to you, he said we’d get along really well.”

After a short, awkward pause, I said “I’m told you like guns.”

He lit up like a Christmas tree, and we spent my entire lunch break talking shop. He recently moved here from New York, and is one of the few that have a NY concealed handgun permit. Not only that, but he even has a non-resident permit from another state so he can carry in more places. He’s a bonafide gun guy.

If I wasn’t out as the gun guy, we probably wouldn’t have ever had this conversation.

Are you out? What are your reasons for being out or not being out?

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. I’m out, as the gun guy at work. It’s nice, I have met a few other guys that shoot, but I’m the only one that is shoot competitively (IDPA, 2 Gun). All the other are more of the hunting type.

  2. Everyone at work knows I enjoy shooting (gun guy seems to imply I know more than I actually do). Most people in the Cub Scout Pack know too. I don’t go out of my way to advertise it with the elementary school parents though. More risk, very little reward opportunity there.

  3. Fortunately….. I’m from the south. Born and raised in a gun loving family. Now, being in a nontraditional job, as a RN in an ICU, I happy to say that BOTH the guys and the girls that I work with, go to the range and shoot regularly.

  4. I work in the firearms industry so people at work know. But there are a few who have said to me they do not like guns and it shocked me. You work with firearms everyday and you don’t like them? I do have more passion for it than most people I work with. Out of my friends I am the biggest gun enthusiast.

  5. Only places I’m out as a gun gal is at the range really. I’m a healthcare worker and female. I think females in general are more afraid of guns than excited and patients shouldn’t know I have guns. Risks outweigh the benefits so far… but every once in a while I’ll meet someone who’s into guns a bit more openly and I’ll talk shop with them and that’s pretty cool.

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